We are alarmed by the rise in antisemitism in Canada over recent days.  We stand with the Jewish community in condemning these acts of hate and intimidation.  

Antisemitism has no place in Canada. 

Hate has no place in Canada.

CCI Network – May, 2021


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Canada Celebrates Israel Network of Christians and Jews is a coalition of several biblical Zionist organizations that are dedicated to promoting an awareness of the biblical, spiritual and political significance of the land and the people of Israel, to the Christian and Jewish communities in Canada.

As a network, we are and have been engaged in an historic movement that is growing exponentially, as we strengthen and forge bonds of friendship between the Christian and Jewish communities. Our journey has been unprecedented and is exciting! We invite you to be a part of making history in this great country of Canada as we reach across the nation as one voice and across the waters to be a blessing to God’s people and their land.


Canada Celebrates Israel is a focused expression of the solidarity of Christians and Jews who stand in support of the land and the people of Israel.

Together, our purpose is to practically express our shared Biblical values of love and friendship, blessing the land and the people of Israel. Reflecting and confirming our Canadian values of peace, equality and the right to live in freedom, we are dedicated to promoting a stronger bond of friendship between Canada and Israel.

Our objective is to mobilize and catalyze a movement of cooperation and collaboration.